Sizzler Gluten Free Menu Items and Options 2021

Sizzler Gluten-Free Menu 2021

Sizzler has an extensive menu of gluten-free options for the entire family

At Sizzler, all the food is prepared in a common kitchen with gluten exposure. That can lead to cross-contamination and hence, they do not suggest customers eat at their restaurant with celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

Hence having a list of Sizzler Gluten-Free Items can be tricky.

To help you out of this, I have listed out all of the options available as Sizzler Gluten-Free in this guide.

Sizzler Gluten Free Menu Items

Here are the complete Sizzler Gluten Free Menu options for the gluten-sensitive. 

What’s on Sizzler Gluten-Free Menu in 2021?

Check below everything you can eat from the Sizzler that is free of any glutenous ingredients –

Prepared Salads

  • ambrosia salad
  • carrot raisin salad
  • macaroni salad
  • potato salad
  • three-bean salad
  • Waldorf salad
  • creamy coleslaw
  • cucumber tomato salad
  • spinach cranberry salad
  • strawberry banana salad
  • greek salad

Salads Dressings

  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • low fat Italian
  • honey mustard
  • ranch
  • thousand island
  • signature bleu cheese
  • caesar
  • French Italian


  • broccoli cheese
  • chicken chilli
  • garden vegetable
  • menu
  • tomato basil
  • chicken tortilla


  • petite
  • classic
  • the sizzler
  • ribeye
  • steak and lemon herb chicken
  • steak and lobster tail

Chicken, Ribs, and Pork

  • lemon herb chicken
  • pork chop
  • ribs


  • baked potato
  • broccoli
  • french fries
  • rice pilaf
  • west potato (whole or mashed)
  • vegetable medley

Kids Menu

  • petite steak

Sizzler Gluten Free Menu


  • bbq sauce
  • burger sauce
  • cocktail sauce
  • dill tartar sauce
  • garlic margarine
  • honey butter
  • lemon herb sauce
  • malibu sauce
  • male butter
  • savoury butter

About Sizzler

Sizzler is a chain of American restaurants where families can enjoy quality steaks and seafood at affordable prices.

The chain was founded as Sizzler Family Steak House by Del and Helen Johnson in Culver City, California in 1958.

Based in /Mission Viejo, California, the chain has more than 270 locations across the United States.

The chain specializes in quality tri-tip and ribeye steaks cut in-house and broiled over an open flame. In addition to this, the chain also serves sustainable salmon, fresh burgers, ribs and chicken, a famous craft salad bar, seasonal soups made from scratch and a selection of hot appetizers.


Hopefully, you find something tasty to eat off the Sizzler gluten-free menu.

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Does Sizzler have senior discount?

Sizzler restaurants typically offer a specially priced menu for seniors.

Does Sizzler have alcohol?

Sizzler serve beer and wine only!

Does Sizzler use MSG?

Sizzler does not add MSG to any products however, MSG may be present in bought in ingredients and also occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables.

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