Papa John’s Gluten Free Menu 2021

Papa John’s Gluten-Free Menu 2021

Papa John’s has made an effort to make sure that foodies visiting them that follows a gluten-free diet can find something to eat.

Papa John’s may not have a lot of options. Yet you can find some yummy entrees when going out for some fast food. 

Hence, having a list of Papa John’s Gluten-Free Options can be tricky.

Below, you’ll find the easy to read version of the Papa John’s Gluten-Free Menu in 2021.

Let your waiter know that you have a food allergy or dietary restrictions, so they can take the proper precautions.

Papa John’s Gluten Free Pizza

Go through the article carefully to explore all the options available as Papa John’s Gluten-Free.

Papa John’s Gluten Free Menu – What you can order?

Here’s everything that you can order from Papa John’s that’s gluten-free and safe to eat –

Papa John’s Gluten-Free Pizza

Most of their veggie toppings are gluten-free.

Gluten-free dough ingredients: Water, Sorghum Flour, Whey Powder, Cage-Free Egg Whites, Shortening Flakes (Palm Oil, Natural Butter Flavor, Soy Lecithin), Tapioca Starch, Modified Rice Starch, Amaranth Flour, Teff Flour, Quinoa Flour, Canola/Olive Oil Blend, Xanthan Gum, Sugar, Brown Flax Seed, Yeast, Salt, Cultured Brown Rice, Natural Flavors.

Contains – Milk, Egg, Soy.


  • Roasted Wings
  • BBQ Wings
  • Honey Chipotle Wings
  • Buffalo Wings

 According to sources, the wings at Papa John’s in the UK all contain gluten.


  • Garlic Dipping Sauce
  • Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
  • Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce
  • Pizza Dipping Sauce
  • Cheese Dipping Sauce
  • Ranch Dipping Sauce
  • Parmesan Cheese Packet
  • BBQ Dipping Sauce
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce
  • Crushed Red Pepper Packet

About Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a US-based pizza restaurant franchise. With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, it is the fourth largest pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States.

With 4,200 restaurants in all 50 states and 35 countries, Papa John’s keeps the foundation that use better ingredients to make a quality pizza. The ingredients feature fresh and original dough, all-natural sauce and fresh sliced veggies.

Although the restaurant primarily serves pizzas, they also have breadsticks, cheese sticks, various-flavoured chicken wings, desserts, and extras like banana peppers and jalapeño peppers.

Papa John’s Gluten Free – Need Help?

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Papa John’s Gluten Free Menu does not have too many options as other restaurants. But, they have a few gluten-free options that you can try. 

If you find something incorrect regarding this post, please let us know below.

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Papa John’s Gluten Free Menu – FAQ

Papa John’s Gluten Free Menu

Is Papa John’s gluten-free pizza actually gluten-free?

Although the dough is gluten-free (it’s made of quinoa, sorghum, teff, and amaranth), the chain “doesn’t recommend” the pizza for those who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant.

What is Papa John’s gluten-free pizza like?

It’s made out of ancient grains including quinoa, sorghum, teff, and amaranth, which are naturally gluten-free and high in protein and fibre.

A small cheese pizza with a gluten-free crust also has 50 fewer calories than their original small-sized cheese pizza crust.

Is Papa John’s pepperoni gluten-free?

Papa John’s Ancient Grains Gluten-Free Crust is thin, crispy and layered with signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, plus premium pepperoni.

Is Papa John’s thin crust gluten-free?

Papa John’s Ancient Grains Gluten-Free Crust is thin, crispy and layered with signature pizza sauce, real cheese made from mozzarella, and your favourite toppings.

Is Papa John’s gluten-free Safe?

Papa Johns does not make gluten-free food that is celiac safe.

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