Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten Free Menu 2021

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free Menu 2021

Jersey Mike’s Subs is an American fast-casual restaurant that specializes in submarine sandwiches. The chain offers a variety of foods and a large menu promising for being able to piece together a non-gluten meal.

There are not too many Gluten-Free options at Jersey Mike’s Subs, but they have few if you’ve been to the chain for any reason.

Let me say, the chain does not officially publish their Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free Menu individually.

But, you can still take advantage of this made to order guide to find out a list of food items available at Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten Free

Here are the complete Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free Menu in 2021.

What’s on Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free Menu?

Searching for gluten-free items is a big challenge. Especially when you are craving to eat something special.

Below, you’ll find a complete Jersey Mike’s Subs gluten-free menu

Fresh Sliced Cold Subs

  • BLT Sub with bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • The Super Sub with provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo
  • Turkey Breast & Provolone Sub with 99% fat-free turkey
  • Tuna Fish Sub
  • The Veggie Sub with Swiss, provolone, green bell peppers
  • Famous Roast Beef & Provolone Sub with certified Angus USDA choice top rounds
  • The Original Italian Sub with provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami, pepperoni
  • Club Supreme Sub with roast beef, turkey, Swiss, bacon, mayo
  • All cold cubs are served with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices, and “The Juice” (red wine vinegar & olive oil blend)
  • Jersey Shore’s Favorite Sub with provolone, ham, Cappacuolo
  • The American Classic Sub with ham & provolone
  • Club Sub with turkey, ham, provolone, bacon, mayo

Fresh Grilled Hot Subs

  • California Chicken Cheese Steak Sub with lettuce, tomato, mayo
  • Jersey Mike’s Famous Philly Sub with grilled onions & peppers
  • Chipotle Cheese Steak Sub with grilled onions & peppers, chipotle mayo
  • Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese Steak Sub with grilled onions & peppers, mushrooms, jalapeños, extra cheese
  • Grilled Pastrami Reuben Sub with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing
  • Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Sub with grilled onions & peppers
  • Chipotle Chicken Cheese Steak Sub with grilled onions & peppers with chipotle mayo
  • Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Steak Sub with applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing
  • Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak Sub With Frank’s Red Hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese dressing
  • Big Kahuna Cheese Steak Sub with grilled onions & peppers, mushrooms, jalapeños, extra cheese

Following Subs cannot be made gluten-free: Meatball & Cheese Sub, Chicken Parmesan Sub, & Teriyaki Chicken Cheesesteak Sub


  • Greek honey vanilla yoghurt parfait

About Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s Subs is an American submarine sandwich chain headquartered in Manasquan, New Jersey. It was founded in 1956 by Peter Cancro of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey at the age of 14.

The Jersey Mike’s franchise has 1,910 locations open and about 124 more in development across the United States, in addition to three locations in Queensland, Australia, and two in Ontario, Canada.

Each Jersey Mike’s Subs serves submarine sandwiches made to order, slicing the meats and cheeses as needed. A popular way to top off the sandwich with condiments is to order it “Mike’s Way”, which involves sliced onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, salt (spices) and “The Juice” a mixture of red wine vinegar and olive oil.

There is also a signature cherry pepper relish. Some Jersey Mike’s locations also serve various breakfast sandwiches during the morning hours, including sandwiches made with Taylor Pork Roll, a New Jersey product.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free – Need Help?

 Address: 2251 Landmark Pl, Manasquan, NJ 08736, USA

 Phone Number: 1-732-223-4044

 Fax Number: 1-732-223-0777

 Email IDClick here

Jersey Mikes Official Website:

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Jersey Mike’s Subs does a good job of offering some gluten-free alternatives.

Hopefully, you find something tasty to eat off this Jersey Mike’s Subs gluten-free menu.

If you find something incorrect regarding this post, please let us know below.

Visit to check the gluten-free menu available near you.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten-Free Menu – FAQ

Jersey Mike’s Subs Gluten Free Menu

Is Jersey Mike’s Deli meat gluten-free?

Jersey Mike’s Subs have a variety of options to eat, as all except two of the meat options are gluten-free. They took many good precautions in making our sandwich.

Does Jersey Mike’s gluten-free bread have eggs?

Unfortunately, if you’re gluten-free you’re kinda out of luck at Jersey Mikes, as their gluten-free bread contains egg whites.

What bread is gluten-free at Jersey Mike’s?

Good news for our gluten-free customers: Jersey Mike’s Subs are now testing Udi’s Gluten-Free sub bread and Hail Merry desserts in select locations.

Does Jersey Mike’s give senior discounts?

No, Jersey Mike’s doesn’t offer a senior discount or AARP discount.

Does Jersey Mike’s have dairy-free bread?

According to their website, Jersey Mike’s has five bread options. Two of these bread options (Wheat and Seeded Italian) are 100% vegan and their White bread is vegan besides containing honey.

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