Fatburger Gluten Free Menu 2021

Fatburger Gluten-Free Menu 2021

Fatburger Gluten-Free Menu doesn’t have a lot of options available, but they have some delicious entrees including their gluten-free burgers and fries.

If you do decide to try out Fatburger for some gluten-free entrees, then having a list of available Fatburger Gluten-Free Options can be tricky. 

Below, you’ll find the easy to read version of Fatburger Gluten-Free Menu in 2021.

Fatburger Gluten Free Menu

Keep going to the article and explore all the options available as Fatburger Gluten-Free.

What’s on Fatburger Gluten-Free Menu in 2021?

Eating with gluten sensitivity has never been more delicious.

Gluten-Sensitive dining options are available at Fatburger. 

View the available items, you can eat from Fatburger that is free of any glutenous ingredients –


  • fatburger with no bun


  • fat salad wedge
  • fat salad wedge with chicken

Shakes and Drinks

  • vanilla shake
  • Strawberry shake
  • maui banana shake
  • big fat float


  • skinny fries
  • fat fries
  • chilli cheese skinny fries
  • chilli cheese fat fries
  • chilli skinny fires
  • chilli fat fries


  • chilli
  • chilli with cheese and onions

About Fatburger

Fatburger Inc. is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants famous for serving hamburgers. It was founded by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles, California as “Mr Fatburger” in 1947.

Known as The Last Great Hamburger Stand, it serves fresh-cooked burgers, which is just part of its charm. While its menu is primarily centred on hamburgers, it also offers various sizes and numbers of patties, along with add-ons such as cheese, bacon and eggs.

Headquartered in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, the company has more than 200 locations and operates in more than 19 countries.

Fatburger Gluten Free – Need Help?


Hopefully, you find something tasty to eat off this Fatburger gluten-free menu.

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Fatburger Gluten Free Menu – FAQ

Fatburger Gluten Free Menu Items

Are Fatburger fries gluten-free?

The fries at Fatburger are not safe but they have GF bun.

Are Fatburger wings breaded?

Premium chicken tenderloin lightly battered, hand-breaded and fried to perfection. Served with your choice of dipping sauce.

What kind of gluten-free bun does Fatburger use?

Udi’s Gluten-Free buns.

Does Fatburger have a secret menu?

Yes, Fatburger has a few secrets in its bag of burgers.

Is Fatburger gluten-free bun vegan?

Fatburger is not a certified vegan or certified gluten-free restaurant.

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