Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu Items and Options 2021

Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu 2021

Are you in the mood of eating fresh? If so, then here is the new Baja Fresh gluten-free menu.

Baja Fresh Gluten-Free Menu offers a whole variety of gluten-free foods for those foodies having celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten. 

But, knowing which of these menu items to choose can be a bit tricky.

That is why having a Baja Fresh Gluten-Free food list is helpful.

Hence, to help you out of this, I have listed out all of the options available as Baja Fresh Gluten-Free in this guide.

Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu Items

Go through this article carefully and find out what’s exactly Baja Fresh Gluten-Free on their entire menu.

What’s on Baja Fresh Gluten-Free Menu in 2021?

Eating gluten-free at Baja Fresh is a bit easier than at other fast-food restaurants.

Here, I have listed out all of the Gluten-Free options at Baja Fresh

Check them one by one carefully –


  • grilled shrimp on a corn tortilla
  • grilled wahoo on a corn tortilla
  • Baja taco shrimp
  • Baja taco whoo
  • Baja taco veggie


  • Baja Ensalada with carnitas, shrimp, or grilled wahoo


  • Baja bowl with carnitas and black or pinto beans
  • Baja bowl with shrimp and black or pinto beans
  • Baja bowl with wahoo and black or pinto beans
  • Baja bowl with veggies and black or pinto beans
  • carnitas fajitas
  • shrimp fajitas
  • nachos (carnitas, cheese wahoo, veggie, or shrimp)


  • breakfast burrito with no tortilla
  • bacon
  • Baja papas
  • sausage
  • coffee


  • grille whoo
  • roasted corn
  • apple slices
  • rice
  • black beans
  • pinto beans


  • chips
  • guacamole
  • pronto guacamole
  • pronto nachos
  • pronto queso
  • pronto romaine and kale salad
  • rice and beans
  • side salad
  • smokey queso fundido
  • chicken tortilla soup
  • tostada shell

For the official Baja Fresh gluten free menu, see here

About Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh is an American chain of fast-casual Tex Mex restaurants famous for serving Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine.

It was founded by Jim and Linda Magglos in Newbury Park, California in 1990 and now it is owned by Canadian franchisor MTY Food Group.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the chain has over 162 restaurants in the United States, Dubai, and Singapore.

The chain is known for offering fresh ingredients and a self-serve salsa bar at each location featuring a self-serve salsa bar.

Baja Fresh is also well-known for its slogan: “Eat Well, Live Fresh!”.

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Hopefully, you found some delicious options on Baja Fresh Gluten-Free Menu.

If you find something incorrect regarding this post, please let us know below.

Visit to check the gluten-free menu available near you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy…

Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu – FAQ

Baja Fresh Gluten Free Menu Options

Is Baja Fresh Chicken gluten free?

The chicken and steak at Baja Fresh have gluten in them, so you can’t just substitute the tortilla. 

Are Baja Fresh tortillas vegan?

The beans, rice, and tortillas at Baja Fresh are all vegan. But vegan guests may want to ask for no cheese on sides of beans and rice, as some employees will sprinkle cheese on top. 

Does Baja Fresh use soy?

Yes, at Baja Fresh, Soy is used in their beans (both types) and soy and wheat are used in their steak. 

Does Baja Fresh come with chips?

Yes, Enjoy your free chips with every Baja Fresh purchase, big or small.

Are Baja chips vegan?

All of their tortilla products are vegan.

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