A&W Gluten-Free Menu 2021

A&W Gluten-Free Menu 2021

A&W has made an effort to make sure that foodies visiting them that follows a gluten-free diet can find something to eat.

A&W may not have a lot of options. Yet you can find some yummy entrees when going out for some fast food. 

Hence, having a list of A&W  Gluten-Free Options can be tricky.

Below, you’ll find the easy to read version of the A&W Gluten-Free Menu in 2021.

Let your waiter know that you have a food allergy or dietary restrictions, so they can take the proper precautions.

A&W Gluten-Free Menu

Go through the article carefully to explore all the options available as A&W Gluten Free.

A&W Gluten Free Menu – What you can order?

Here’s everything that you can order from A&W that’s gluten-free and safe to eat –


  • Go-Go Squeez Apple Sauce

Dipping Sauces

  • ranch
  • honey mustard
  • spicy papa sauce
  • bbq sauce

Sweets and Treats

  • orange float
  • orange freeze
  • Strawberry shake
  • chocolate shake
  • vanilla shake
  • pineapple banana smoothie
  • Strawberry smoothie
  • strawberry banana smoothie
  • limeade
  • strawberry lemonade
  • cherry slushie
  • watermelon slushie
  • lemon slushie
  • blue raspberry slushie

About A&W

A&W Restaurants is an American chain of fast-food restaurants distinguished by its burgers, draft root beer and root beer floats. Roy W. Allen opened his first root beer stand in Lodi, California in 1919.

There are currently over a thousand locations in 16 countries.

Aside from the iconic beverages, they also sell typical fast-food fares such as hamburgers, chicken, and hotdogs.


A&W Gluten Free Menu does not have too many options as other restaurants. But, they have a few gluten-free options that you can try. 

If you find something incorrect regarding this post, please let us know below.

Visit Gluten-free-menu.info to check the gluten-free menu available near you. 

A&W Gluten-Free Menu – FAQ

A&W Gluten Free

Does A&W have gluten-free buns?

A&W doesn’t currently have a gluten-free bun, but you can ask for your burger or sandwich to be lettuce wrapped!

Are A&W burger patties gluten-free?

A&W beef burgers are gluten-free, just 100% beef.

Does A&W have gluten-free bread?

A&W doesn’t currently have a gluten-free bun, but you can ask for your burger or sandwich to be lettuce wrapped!

Does A&W have a vegan burger?

A&W is now selling plant-based Beyond Burgers in participating restaurants coast-to-coast. After testing Beyond Burgers last year, the popular chain is now making it available to locations nationwide.

Is A & W Rootbeer gluten-free?

A&W Root Beer is manufactured by Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. and yes, it is gluten-free.

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