Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu Items and Options 2021

Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu Items and Options 2021

Au Bon Pain is a chain of restaurants known for serving a best-fit meal to meet his need, no matter it is low calorie, vegetarian, reduced-sodium or gluten-free. The chain offers a variety of foods and a large menu promising for being able to piece together a non-gluten meal.

There are not too many Gluten-Free options at Au Bon Pain, but they have few if you’ve been to the chain for any reason.

The restaurant does not officially publish their Au Bon Pain Gluten-Free Menu particularly.

But, you can still take advantage of this made to order guide to find out a list of food items available as of Au Bon Pain Gluten-Free.

Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu

Here is the complete Au Bon Pain Gluten-Free Menu in 2021.

What’s on Au Bon Pain Gluten-Free Menu?

Au Bon Pain gluten-free menu might be what you are looking for. There are various foods at Au Bon Pain that are gluten-free that you can enjoy seamlessly with your friends and family.

Have a look at various Gluten-Free options at Au Bon Pain, you can eat at Au Bon Pain that is free of any glutenous ingredients.


  • Mayan Chicken Harvest Rice Bowl with brown or white rice


  • 12 veggie
  • black bean
  • french Moroccan tomato lentil
  • roasted eggplant
  • roasted tomato and fennel
  • southwest tortilla
  • swiss chard and three-bean
  • Tuscan white bean
  • vegetarian chilli


  • chewy marshmallow bar
  • gluten-free chocolate chip brownie


  • BBQ Beef Salad
  • Egg and Cucumber Salad
  • Potato Bacon Salad
  • Red Bliss Potato Salad
  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad
  • Tomato, Green Bean and Almond Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Watermelon and Feta Salad
  • Chef’s Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Mediterranean Chicken Salad


  • White rice
  • Brown rice
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Sausage with Pepper and Onions
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Hummus and Cucumber Portion
  • Mozzarella and Tomato Portion
  • Turkey, Asparagus, Cranberry, Chutney and Gorgonzola Portion

Dressings, Sauces, and Spreads

  •  All sauces, condiments, and spreads

Snacks and Dessert

  • All yoghurts
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
  • Fresh Grapes
  • Fresh Pineapples
  • Fresh Watermelon
  • Fruit Cup
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Muesli
  • Sugar Free Cinnamon Buttons
  • Turkish Apricots
  • Apples, Blue Cheese and Cranberries Portion
  • Gluten Free Fudge Cake Brownie
  • Gluten Free Congo Bar

For the official Au Bon Pain gluten free menu, see here

About Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is a fast-casual café and bakery chain headquartered in Richardson, Texas. The company was founded by Louis Kane in 1978, and since its inception, it has expanded to 175 locations in the United States, and Thailand.

Au Bon Pain serves baked goods such as bread, pastries, croissants, and bagels as well as tea, coffee and espresso beverages, breakfast foods such as egg sandwiches, and lunch items such as soup, salads, and sandwiches.

All the sandwiches, salads, soups and bakeries are freshly prepared with a passion for serving the most flavorful and healthy food to everyone.

The wide range of food on the menu ensures that every customer can find the best-fit meal to meet his need, no matter it is low calorie, vegetarian, reduced-sodium or gluten-free.

When you want to treat yourself and get some better food, Au Bon Pain has got the Craveable options for you.

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Hopefully, you find something tasty to eat off this Au Bon Pain gluten-free menu.

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Au Bon Pain Gluten Free Menu – FAQ

Au Bon Pain Gluten Free

Does Au Bon Pain have almond milk?

Most Au Bon Pain locations reportedly have soymilk and almond milk beverage available for making coffee and tea drinks.

Are Au Bon Pain bagels vegan?

All Au Bon Pain bread are vegan except Asiago Breadstick (made with Asiago cheese). All other bakery products contain eggs, buttermilk, and other dairy products.

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